As required by provincial and municipal authorities, the Cadboro Bay Sailing Association (CBSA) has developed this COVID-19 Safety Plan and will keep it current as requirements change. The purpose of this plan is to:

1.           Ensure that CBSA and its members continue to adhere to current orders and guidelines posted by the Public Health Officer (PHO), viaSPORT, BC Sailing, and Saanich Parks.

2.           Provide information, and list precautions and procedures for CBSA members to follow when entering the CBSA compound and participating in club sponsored events.

3.           Describe the process for dealing with a COVID-19 case or outbreak that involves CBSA members.

This plan is based on requirements published by the B.C. Public Health Officer (PHO), viaSPORT, BC Sailing, Saanich Parks, and our own risk assessment of the compound and activities of CBSA.

At the time of writing, the CBSA compound is only open for members to access their boats individually, or for other purposes approved by the CBSA executive. All members accessing the compound must follow the requirements of this CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan, Version IV. There are currently no approved CBSA hosted group activities.

The combination for the compound lock has been changed. Members need to read and sign off on the revised CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan (Version IV), after which they will receive the new combination.

To obtain approval for use of the compound and return to sport, CBSA had to submit an updated version of our CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan, and other specified documents to the Saanich Parks department. The documents were checked for completeness by Saanich Parks staff, after which CBSA applied for and obtained a permit.

It appears that the PHO will be approving more outdoor sporting activities soon. When changes to the health orders affect the operation of CBSA, including the go ahead for adult dinghy racing, CBSA members will be notified via email.

The most current version of this plan will always be posted on the front page of caddybay.caMembers will be notified via email whenever a new version of the plan is posted.

To help keep your family and your fellow CBSA members and families safe, and to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, members need to review new versions of the plan as they are posted, and follow all listed requirements when entering the CBSA compound and participating in club-hosted events. Major updates to the plan will require online digital sign-off prior to receiving the new combination.

CBSA Executive


COVID-19 Transmission and Symptoms


COVID-19 is known to spread in several ways. When a person coughs or sneezes, they can emit droplets containing the virus, which can be inhaled by persons nearby. It can also spread by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face. Other possible transmission methods are under investigation.

The risk of person-to-person transmission increases the closer you come to other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people you come near.

The risk of surface transmission increases when many people contact the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time.


Monitoring of Symptoms

CBSA members are responsible for monitoring their health, and determining if they have any of the common symptoms associated with COVID-19. The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other respiratory illnesses including the flu and common cold and may include:

  •   Fever
  •   Chills
  •   Cough
  •   Shortness of breath
  •   Sore throat and painful swallowing
  •   Stuffy or runny nose
  •   Loss of sense of smell
  •   Headache
  •   Muscle aches
  •   Fatigue
  •   Loss of appetite

Symptoms can range from mild to severe. People infected with COVID-19 may also experience gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting a few days after the onset of the above symptoms.

Some people with COVID-19 have mild illness and few or none of the above symptoms, and yet can still transmit the disease to others.

CBSA members exhibiting symptoms as described above should use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool found at help determine if further assessment or testing for COVID-19 is needed. Individuals can contact 8-1-1 if further health advice is required and 9-1-1 if it is an emergency. Individuals can learn more about how to manage their illness here:


Outbreak Plan


A COVID-19 €œoutbreak € is defined as two or more cases; a €œcase € is a single case. Early detection and reporting of symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures such as limiting member access to the compound, closure of facilities, and comprehensive cleaning. CBSA will adhere to the following €˜Outbreak Plan €™ in order to limit the size and length of an outbreak among CBSA members.


1.       Any CBSA member must immediately notify a member of the executive if a member or guest with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (positive test), or a person who is self-isolating as requested by the local health authority, has visited the compound or participated in a club activity.

2.     The member of the executive who has been so notified will obtain the most recent contact sign-in sheet from the compound, then report the incident and send the contact sign-in sheet to the Commodore.

3.       The Commodore will then:

a.           Contact the infected or self-isolating person and obtain their agreement not to visit the compound until further instructions have been obtained from authorities.

b.           Determine the likelihood of exposure to other people by comparing the date(s) of possible exposure to the dates and times when other people entered the compound.

c.             Contact the Medical Health Officer (or delegate) at Island Health, and follow their instructions.

d.           Contact the Compound Manager, and request them to convene a work party to fully clean all likely contact surfaces within the compound.

5. If CBSA is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, members of the executive shall cooperate with local health authorities.


Return to Sport Process


As a partner and tenant of Saanich Parks, CBSA takes direction from them in all matters pertaining to the occupation and use of the club compound located at Gyro Park.  In response to the municipality €™s directions to all park users to incorporate current PHO orders, CBSA needs to maintain an up-to-date COVID-19 Safety Plan, and have members agree to follow the revised requirements of the plan. The plan is available to all members by: (1) email distribution, (2) incorporation into the CBSA website, and (3) via QR code at the compound gate.

As in the past, the combination for the compound lock has been changed. Members need to read and sign off on this plan, after which they will receive the new combination.


Planned Return to Sport Activities


After members have agreed to the updated CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan, they can enter the compound, access and use their boats. There will be no social events, gatherings, or dinghy racing hosted by CBSA until these activities have been approved by the PHO, viaSport, BC Sailing, Saanich Parks, and your CBSA executive. Although a 2021 CBSA Calendar including race dates is attached to this plan, all planned races are on hold until that activity has been approved.

Social events and regattas that were typically hosted by CBSA in the past, before COVID-19 restrictions were implemented, will be added to the calendar when those activities are allowed by the above authorities.


Compound and Boat Access


Members who have agreed to comply with this plan may enter the CBSA compound to maintain or use their private boats or engage in scheduled sailing events (when approved) while following the guidelines below:


No Admittance

Members who have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been in contact with a person confirmed to have COVID_19, may not enter the CBSA compound. After symptoms disappear, members must obtain approval of the CBSA Commodore before entering the compound.


Compound Gate Combination Lock Change

The compound lock combination has been changed.  Members wishing to access their boats are required to read and accept this updated plan, including the following specific agreements:

· I will inform CBSA executive if I test positive for COVID-19, or if I am required to self-isolate, and I have visited the compound within the last 14 days.

· I agree to stay home if feeling sick, and to remain home for 14 days after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

· If I have tested positive for COVID-19, or experienced symptoms of COVID-19, or been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, or been self-isolating due to possible COVID-19 exposure, I will obtain approval from the CBSA Commodore before entering the compound.

· I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering and exiting the facility, with soap or sanitizer.

· I agree to continue to follow social distancing protocols of staying at least 2m away from others while inside the club compound.

· I will not enter the compound unless there are less than 10 people in the compound.

· Whenever social distancing cannot be maintained, I will wear a mask.

· I agree to abide by the requirements of the current CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan. I acknowledge that the CBSA executive can suspend or revoke my membership if I fail to do so.

· I acknowledge that there are risks associated with entering club facilities and/or participating in club activities, and that the measures taken by the club and participants, including those set out in this plan, and under the BC COVID-19 Response Plan and Return to Sport Protocols, will not entirely eliminate those risks.

The new combination is issued to members upon their acceptance of the plan.


Personal Self-Assessment Declaration/Contact Tracing Information Form

As required by the PHO, CBSA must collect personal health assessment and contact tracing information from all persons who enter the compound, and retain it for 30 days.   This includes the time of entering and leaving the compound.  Please refer to Appendix A to view the Self-Assessment Declaration/Contact Tracing Instructions and sign-off forms that are located in a box attached to the inside left of the compound gate, along with a pen/pencil and hand disinfectant. Completing this information serves two purposes:

1.           It is a contact and health self-assessment declaration. Members who cannot answer €˜No €™ to all questions must not enter the compound.

2.           The form includes the time of entering and leaving the compound, and your contact information. This information will not be made public; however, it may be used for contact tracing purposes if anyone entering the compound is later found to have been exposed to COVID-19.


Maintain Physical Distancing

When inside the CBSA compound, maintain at least 2 meters separation from all other people with the exception of members of your family that reside at your address.


Wearing of Masks

When inside the CBSA compound, masks shall be worn whenever it is not possible to maintain at least 2 meters separation from all other people with the exception of members of your family that reside at your address.


Minimize Number of Contacts

No more than 10 people are allowed in the compound at any one time. Members must wait until the number of people in the compound drops below 10 before entering.

No more than 50 people, including the race committee, can participate in any single race hosted by CBSA. Only club members and guests who have signed the Self-Assessment Declaration/Contact Tracing form can participate in any race hosted by CBSA.


Minimize Touching of Surfaces

Do not touch the boat or property of any other members.

The following items are identified as items likely to undergo a high level of contact, and therefore must be handled with caution.   These surfaces are difficult to clean thoroughly, therefore you must clean your hands immediately following contact with them.

·                 Club boat dollies

·                 The front gate lock, latch, and associated gate surfaces

·                 The hose and taps located just inside the front gate

·                 The main water shut-off valve to the right of the club house.

·                 The trash can lid.

·                 The clubhouse door, if entering the clubhouse to access the first aid kit stored within.

After touching the above surfaces, or any other surfaces in the compound, members must wash their hands with their own disinfectant or use the disinfectant provided by the club. After leaving the compound, members must disinfect their hands as soon as possible.


Surface Cleaning Required When Leaving Compound

The last person to leave the compound after every group or single entry, and especially after a race night or event, is responsible for cleaning the surfaces listed above. Surfaces known to have not been touched during the entry event are not required to be cleaned. For example, if two members are in the compound on an afternoon, and they have not touched the clubhouse door, since it is off limits, or the boat dollies, then they are not required to clean those surfaces. They are required to clean the front gate surfaces, and anything else on the list above that they touched while in the compound.



The clubhouse is off limits for all purposes except to access the first aid kit contained within, and for members of appointed race committees to access the committee boat. Members wishing to change into or out of sport apparel must do so outside of the compound, preferably at home. Members must bring their own tools and supplies for boat maintenance and these must not be left in the compound.


Club Zodiac

The club zodiac is located inside of the locked clubhouse and it is off limits to everyone except race committees appointed by the Fleet captain.


Race Committees

Race committees shall consist of one club member, or two people in the same family living at the same address, at least one of whom is a club member who possesses a PCOC card.

During race events, the following rules shall be followed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission:

·                 The race buoys, anchors, flags, score sheets, club zodiac, and zodiac appurtenances shall only be touched and handled by members of appointed race committees, and by members of the club executive.

·                 Prior to racing, member(s) of the appointed race committee shall prepare and launch the boat by themselves if possible. If other persons are required to help with launching, then all persons in the launching group shall wear masks.

·                 If the race committee consists of more than one person, they need not wear masks while in the boat, as they will be members of the same family. Nevertheless, all race committee members must include a mask in their personal gear. Should a need arise during the event to come in close contact with participants requiring assistance, race committee members must wear their mask whenever physical distancing cannot be maintained.

·                 Upon returning to the beach following a race event, the race committee will need help to bring the zodiac up the beach and prepare it for storage. Race committee members and all helpers must wear masks during this time.

·                 The handle of the dolly used to bring the boat back into the compound must be cleaned using sanitizers provided. The zodiac and all its appurtenances, and all racing equipment will not be touched for several days, therefore does not have to be cleaned.

·                 After helping to bring the boat back to the compound, and after completing the duties of race committee, all persons involved shall wash their hands thoroughly using the sanitizers provided.


Signage and Cleaning Supplies

Several all-weather signs are located around the compound as necessary to remind members of specific CBSA COVID-19 Safety Plan rules.   Where these signs specify cleaning, sanitizer is provided nearby.  

Outside of the front gate: This sign provides information about COVID-19, instructions for use of the compound, and confirms member agreement with the Safety Plan (by earlier email or through the QR code provided).

On the side of the sign-in station: A message indicating that sign-in and sign-out are mandatory.

Inside the sign-in station. A sign indicating members should wash hands after touching anything in the compound.

On the outside of the clubhouse: This sign describes who is allowed to enter the clubhouse.


Reporting Unsafe Acts or Conditions

Any member who notices an unsafe condition or act by a person in the compound or participating in club-hosted activities, shall immediately report the incident to any member of the CBSA executive. The executive member shall immediately report the incident to the Commodore, who will be responsible for taking reasonable action.




A current version of this plan will be posted on the front page of

Members will be notified via email whenever a new version of the plan is posted. To help keep your family and your fellow CBSA members and families safe, and to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, members need to review new versions of the plan as they are posted, and follow all listed requirements when entering the CBSA compound. Major updates to the plan will require online digital sign-off prior to receiving the new combination.



Signedon behalf of the CBSA Executive,

Art Hamilton

CBSA Commodore