CBSA Club Policies and Privileges


A. Dues & Participation in Club Activities


  1. It is the responsibility of members to renew their memberships by January 1. There are two levels of membership dues: Full ($80/year) and student ($40/year).  Students are defined as members 25 years of age or younger who are enrolled in a full-time education program.
  2. Members may apply for storage in the compound ($65/year for ground storage; $55/year for rack storage).
  3. Membership is neither transferable nor refundable.
  4. Boat storage is neither transferable nor refundable
  5. Members must inform the executive of address, boat ownership, and membership status changes.
  6. All members are invited to participate in all club activities.
  7. Members are expected to participate in compound work parties and contribute to the running of the club.
  8. Members are invited to contact the executive if they have a proposal they wish to have considered.
  9. Members are expected to obtain a pleasure craft operators card.


B. Use of Club Facilities & Equipment

  1. Access to the compound is restricted to club members & their guests.
  2. Members with outstanding dues will not have access to the compound.
  3. Only the executive may distribute the compound combination. Those requiring the combination should contact the executive.
  4. The combination on the lock must be scrambled immediately after opening.
  5. The shed and changing areas are not to be used for overnight storage of gear.
  6. Members are expected to respect the privacy of the club’s neighbours and other users of the Park by minimizing rattling halyards and limiting other disturbing noises.
  7. Club dollies are for the exclusive use of the club members and should be returned to the compound immediately after use. They may not be left on the beach during a sailing outing. The dollies should be fresh water rinsed after each use.
  8. Before leaving the compound, ensure that water taps are shut off and hoses are stored.
  9. Use of club inflatable is exclusively for support during club events.


C. Storage, Care & Use of Boats

  1. Boats shall be secured to prevent damage to other boats or property.
  2. Boats in the compound may not be stored on trailers.
  3. Rigging is to be secured so as not to rattle excessively.
  4. Masts of boats not sailed in the winter are to be de-stepped & stored.
  5. Ground areas around a boat should be kept clean by boat owner.
  6. The compound manager has the authority to assign and reassign boat placement to maximize the efficient use of our space. Boats with high usage may be given preferred placement.
  7. Available storage spots will be assigned to members on the wait-list who have demonstrated a commitment to participation in sailing activities and at the discretion of the executive.
  8. If the executive deems a boat to be unseaworthy, to have been inactive for a significant period, or to have been poorly maintained, then the boat in question must be removed by the owner within 30 days of notice.  Such a boat may be removed by the executive at the owner’s expense to a location chosen by the executive.
  9. If the executive deems a boat to be abandoned, the executive may seek to recover lost revenue by the sale of said boat pursuant to the Warehouse Lien Act.
  10. Members are advised to insure their boats for any possible damage and to maintain liability insurance.
  11. Each sailor is personally responsible to assess (i) his or her skills, (ii) the condition of his or her boat, (iii) the weather & sea state, and (iv) the likely demands of an activity before venturing to participate in a club event. No one else can make the decision for you.


If an applicant to CBSA is under 19 years of age, an adult must act legally on their behalf.