Nominees for the 2014 Captain Hook Award to be chosen at the Christmas Party.

Submissions welcome

Spring Series....May 20th .......The Cummings - KT Web of Chaos

With about 30 seconds before the start, Mark and Evelyn are lining up to leeward of KT. They're calling for KT to come up repeatedly who they claim is very slow to do so. Peter and Nicole are a boat length or more back hoping for a hole to open up. Mark starts to bear off down the line to build some speed and a good deal shouting begins as the two boats as they separate. Peter & Nicole accelerate nicely into the widening gap for a clean start. Mark discovers he is towing KT who's mainsheet was mysteriously wrapped around the end of Mark's tiller. He casts it off by throwing directly into P&N's path where it wraps snugly around the bow. Nicole backs the main to stop the boat but KT's Laser draws tight to the fireball and basically starts to climb aboard. Both boats shackled by KT's mainsheet start sailing backwards but the sheet just won't come and KT won't undo the knot in the end of his mainsheet. Finally Peter & Nicole propel KT forward with enough force and break the unhappy union.

Summer Series....June something....The Plop Finish

Leigh sailing with Rob T.....Jay and Peter RC. Leigh driving and coming first to the finish line. Just as the bow reaches the line “#$@^&*” The boat stops suddenly and we hear Leigh say “Are you alright”, the only reply from the Rob who is neither visible to us nor any longer in the boat is “are we over?”. Rob climbs back into the boat with the broken trapeze wire and they manage not to foul anyone as they drift backwards away from the committee.

Thunder and Lightening

Race night......Barbara to report on those who danced with lightning bolts.

Sept 14 CBSA Sailor Sabotages major Melges Regatta and Stains the Club's Reputation

Robin out for a Solo Sunday sail. Sparkling sunshine, southerly breeze, perfect visibility. He's quite pleased with himself as he zips along with his big blue spinnaker. He's not the only sailboat out enjoying the tremendous summer we've had this year. There is in fact a major Melges Regatta going on. To Robin surprise he discovers that he has drifted into an RVYC race course as the two lead Melges in a fleet of about ten boats approach the windward mark. In an effort to minimize the chaos he is about to create he attempts to takes evasive action. Unfortunately that resultsed in his wiping out directly infront of them who had to crash tack to avoid splinters carbon fibre. Word spreads throughout the bay to be on guard of that unpredictable CBSA sailor with the blue and red chute.