Cadboro Bay Sailing Association

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Notice of Race

Notice of Race: Pursuit Challenge Saturday July 12, 2014

The sunshine has been bringing in some lovely afternoon thermals and on Saturday, July 12th we’ll be running the CBSA Pursuit Race. This is the chance to have all the room you want on the start line, clear air to sail in, long legs for you to stretch out, and a chance to put some distance on those supposedly “fast boats” who have to give everyone head starts. In fact we may have a ‘beach start’ where sailors can be in the water but not able to climb on to their boats until their start time.

Here’s how it works: The race will take you to the depth marker just off Oak Bay marina. Leave it to port and then head back into Caddy Bay. If we have a beach start, the finish will be when you can put one foot on the beach. First one back is the winner. Alternatively a race committee may choose to set a start – finish line and even throw in an extra loop depending on the time elapsed.

The boats with the highest Portsmouth D-PN numbers start first, followed by the other boats in the order of their ratings according to the table below. With the adjustments for boat speeds built into the start times, it’s all about the order in which you finish. You’ll know exactly how you’re doing as you catch, or are being caught by, other boats.


Start time



These offsets are based on the race lasting to about 3:00 PM. The RC may add a loop in the bay to meet the 2 hour target or may move the finish line if it goes over 2 hours. Synchronize your watches now.



Laser Radial, Beth Sailing Canoe


Laser II, Enterprise


Laser , Wayfarer


Megabyte, Albacore




Fireball, Int 14




Weta, Solo Swift, International Moth


If you plan to race but your boat is not listed above, send the fleet captain a note.

CBSA membership entitles you to this fun trophy event. Whether you are a regular Tuesday “nighter” or rarely come out to race, this is a good time to join in. Always consider the conditions and your skill level. You are responsible for your own safety on the course. Please check in with the race committee around noon, on the beach so we’ll know you’ll be sailing. The MAIN EVENT starts at 1:00 PM.

If you have questions, drop us a note.

Peter (Fleet Captain) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Andrew Barclay This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it