Cadboro Bay Sailing Association

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Gender Opposite Pairs NOR

Cadboro Bay Sailing Association

Notice of Race: The G.O.P.

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 (New Date)

The Gender Opposite Pairs Trophy Race

(sometimes referred to as a Jack & Jill race)

This trophy race started in 2001 and was aimed at encouraging a more even mix of sexes on the water. The most common entries are two man boats Fireball, Enterprise, Laser 2, CFJ, but we don't want to close the participation opportunity for those club members sailing single handed boats. Single handers can team up with a member of the opposite sex in another single handed boat. The boats could be a matched pair of Lasers, or Bytes but that's not a requirement. A Solo Swift and Byte might team up for example.

This is open to all CBSA members who have partnered up with a member of the opposite sex for this event. Ladies we need you out there.

  • No registration cost.

  • Skippers Meeting will be at noon.

  • We aim to have at least four races with longer legs than typically sailed on a Tuesdays.

  • Boats will be sailed under the Portsmouth Yardstick.

  • Partners sailing in two separate boats will be scored using the average of their adjusted finish times.

It's time to plan ahead, and lock in a partner....make that hook-up phone call if you have someone in mind or write you're name on the whiteboard indicating you are looking to find a partner to sail with.

When you settle on a partnership...please send a quick note to the fleet captain.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it